At Kanzaria Opticians, we have a large selection of glasses and sunglasses to meet the personalised need of the individual. Different patients like different styles, colours and sizes and to cater for this we have a great selection from some of the best designers around the world.

For our largest selection of male and female glasses and sunglasses, please visit our Marsh Road practice.



We offer a wide range of lenses for glasses and sunglasses. Some of the options available are listed below.

  • Prescription lenses
  • Single vision lenses
  • Bifocals lenses

    A single lens with two distinct powers - normally with the upper part of the lens for distance and lower for reading.

  • Varifocals lenses

    A single lens which allows clear vision at distance and near without the separating lines seen in a bifocal lens

  • Thin / thinner / thinnest lenses
  • Transition lenses

    Self adjusting lenses which change from clear lenses indoors to a nice tint, similar to sunglasses when you go outdoors.

  • Tinted lenses

Please call us at any of our branches or visit us in-store for help and advice.