We here at Kanzaria Opticians feel your eyes provide you with arguably the most important sense of all sight! Our job is to check your eyes thoroughly through direct and computer based imaging to detect problems with your sight but also to give you individual and holistic advice.

A thorough examination of your eyes is essential in maintaining not only your vision, but can also provide useful screening tools for detecting many common chronic diseases like diabetes which can affect your eyes.

What we do in our examination:

You will be seen by our optometrist Mr Dinesh Kanzaria - a practising optometrist for over 30 years.

  • History

    This is arguably the most important part of the visit. The optician will invite you to describe any problems you may have currently. He will also ask questions regarding family history of eye problems, cataract issues, current glasses or sunglasses you may have and he may ask questions about contact lenses (if relevant).

  • Pupil reflexes
  • Examination of eye inside and outside (using retinal digital imaging fundus camera)
  • Visual acuity reading a chart near and distance
  • Colour vision test
  • Find your prescription
  • Additional tests (if required) eg. for Glaucoma, contact lenses
  • Referral to specialist care or hospital (if required)

Our team will then help you to find a solution depending on what is right for you whether it is glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses or just appropriate advice.

Free Eye Examinations

Under the NHS regulations, you may be entitled to a free eye examination and/or help towards your glasses if:

  • You are under 16
  • You are 16/17/18 and in full time education
  • You are 60 or over
  • Registered as blind or partially blind
  • Suffering from diabetes or glaucoma
  • Advised by an ophthalmologist that you are at risk of glaucoma
  • Aged 40 or over and your mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter has glaucoma
  • You or your partner receives Job Seekers Allowance, NHS Tax Credit, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit or has a valid HC2 certificate
  • Prisoner on leave
  • Have a complex prescription